Terms and Conditions

1. Guarantee includes

The guarantee provides security for (i) overdue rent, (ii) damages to the premises, (iii) expenses for eviction, (iv) other claims arising from the lease agreement pursuant to Norwegian rental act (Husleieloven) §3-6.


2. In general

The tenant understands and accepts that:

2.1 The tenant confirms electronically via the Keyhole system that the guarantee document has been read and accepted.

2.2 The guarantee is not an insurance, and Keyhole will demand repayment of any payments made under the guarantee from the tenant, as well as interest, fees, and other necessary costs incurred by Keyhole in connection with the guarantee case.

2.3 All correspondence will primarily be sent electronically to the email address provided by the tenant.

2.4 If there are multiple tenants listed in the lease agreement, all tenants are jointly responsible for the full payment of Keyhole's claim. Keyhole can freely choose whom to address the claim to.

2.5 The guarantee shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Norwegian law. No part of the premium shall be refunded even if the guarantee period is interrupted by the tenant or if the lease relationship to which the guarantee applies terminates.


3. Claims from landlord

If the landlord has a claim against the tenant, the landlord shall, when the lease relationship is terminated, send the tenant a notice (demand) for payment with a minimum payment deadline of 14 days. At the same time, it shall be notified that payment will be demanded under the guarantee if the tenant has not responded, filed a lawsuit, or lodged a complaint with the Rental Disputes Committee (Husleietvistutvalget) within five weeks from the date the notice is sent.

3.1 Unpaid, accepted claims

If the tenant has responded in writing that he accepts the landlord's claim but still does not pay the claim within the 14-day deadline, Keyhole, upon receiving the acceptance, will pay the claim to the landlord and then seek reimbursement from the tenant.

3.2 Disputed claims

If the landlord's claim against the tenant is disputed, payment from Keyhole to the landlord may only be made when a legally binding decision or written acceptance from the tenant is obtained.

3.3 Notification of claims and payment

If the payment deadlines of two or five weeks respectively have expired according to point 3, the claim can be forwarded to Keyhole together with documentation for the claim and the notice (demand), and acceptance or legally binding judgment (if available). Payment to the landlord will be made within 14 days of receipt.


4. Repayment of payments

4.1 The guarantee gives Keyhole the right to demand repayment from the tenant of the amount paid to the landlord under this guarantee, plus all accrued interest, fees, and additional costs associated with the collection of the claim.

4.2 The tenant accepts that objections to claims must be made in the form of a lawsuit within the five-week deadline in point 3. If objections to the landlord's claims are not received within the deadline, this means that the tenant cannot raise objections to the payment to the landlord and thus not to the repayment obligation.

4.3 If the tenant makes objections to the landlord's claims after the lawsuit deadlines have expired, these must be addressed directly to the landlord. The tenant's obligation to fully repay their claim will not be waived or postponed pending such a process.

4.4 The tenant agrees to repay Keyhole within 14 days after agreement, demand, or legal decision.

4.5 Keyhole has the right to reject claims and demand repayment of any payment made based on erroneous or wrongful grounds.


5. Fees/Costs

5.1 The tenant accepts that an administration fee of NOK 500 will be added to the repayment claim, in addition to other costs associated with the collection of the claim, such as interest, fees, debt collection costs, and possibly legal collection costs according to the delay interest law (forsinkelsesrenteloven) if Keyhole has to make payments under the guarantee.

5.2 Keyhole is indemnified against all types of direct/indirect costs and obligations related to the payment under the guarantee.

5.3 In the case of a non-time-limited guarantee, the tenant accepts that the monthly premium payment continues until the claim is repaid.

5.4 In the case of a non-time-limited guarantee, the tenant accepts that the premium may be adjusted with a 3-month notice period.



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